:: At Height In Confined Space ::

Duration - 1/2 Day

Prerequisite - 1 Day Working At Height

Topics include - 

  • All applicable regulations and legislation

  • Working at height solutions for being in or around confined spaces

  • Specialist equipment

  • Hands on practical skills sessions

Who Should Attend – Anyone who is accessing confined spaces using the normal method of fixed ladders or steps. Also those who are, or could potentially enter a space where the ladder is missing, the winch isn’t long enough or have to negotiate multi-level entries should attend this course. However you enter a confined space, working at heights is almost always a concern. So whatever your style of confined space entry, this working at heights in confined spaces course will ensure you are competent and compliant to all legislation and regulations in the UK.

Why Attend - Every time a cover is removed, workers near the entry point are classed as working at height. Most of these workers are protected from falling by the use of barriers or guards around the entry. The go to method of worker protection when entering the confined space is through tripod and winch. What should you do when your winch is not long enough? the access ladder is broken or missing? how do you protect your workers while in multi-level chambers? At AHS, we recognise the dangers of working safely at height while working in a confined space.

W_H Confined Space 1.jpg