:: Practical & Site Specific ::

Duration - 1-3 Day

Prerequisite - 1 Day Working At Height

Topics include - 

  • All applicable regulations and legislation

  • Rescue planning

  • Rescue hierarchy

  • Rescue equipment

  • Rescue techniques

  • Hands on practical skills sessions

  • Scenario based skills assessment

Who Should Attend –  Those who are passionate about ensuring everyone goes home at the end of the day. These courses are perfect for everyone who wants to up skill their working at height skills and knowledge, for those company’s or sites who want to establish their own rescue team, and also for established rescue teams who are looking for fresh and innovative rescue capabilities.

Why Attend - No working at height situation is complete without the ability to rescue a worker who may become suspended in their system. Not relying on the emergency services as your rescue plan means that other arrangements have to be in place. The rescue from heights course will ensure that all workers have the ability to both safely and effectively retrieve a suspended worker in a timely manner therefore preventing any worsening of circumstances to the suspended worker(s).

If you are a site, organization or company that is looking to put together an onsite rescue team, contact us for a customized rescue training program.

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